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Razor Clam dig open for 4 days on Washington Coast

05/05/2015 – J. W. Snyder – Shelfish Finder 


Four day Razor calm dig approved by the WDFW


OLYMPIA, WA – State officials have approved four days of razor clam digging on the several ocean beaches.

The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife gave its approval for the dig after marine toxin tests showed the clams are safe to eat. The digs begin Thursday on morning tides.

Most digs were approved for beaches at Long Beach, Twin Harbors and Mocrocks.

Shellfish managers say no digging will be allowed after noon on any beach through Saturday, but officials are extending the dig on Sunday to 1 p.m.

The agency’s shellfish manager Dan Ayres says they’re giving diggers an extra hour on Sunday because there’s a late low tide that day.

Diggers are required to keep the first 15 clams taken daily. Each digger’s clams must be kept in a separate container.



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